Accomplishments of the WV Perinatal Partnership 2006-2012: Executive Summary

This report chronicles the achievements of the WV Perinatal Partnership from the time it was established in 2006 until 2012. It describes a number of new strategies that have been implemented, changes made to existing programs and policies, and mechanisms put in place continue to address the health care needs of mothers and babies in the state.

Achieving Better Outcomes Through Child Developmental Screening and Referral (2013)

This report provides the goals and consensus set of recommendations developed as a result of the Child Development and Referral Project to improve screening and referral of children birth to three.

First Baby Initiative Report (2013)

West Virginia Quality Collaborative for Reducing Nulliparous Cesarean Sections: This report summarizes an effort undertaken in the State of West Virginia to reduce the number of Cesarean Sections among first-time mothers. In 2009, more than one-third (35.1%) of first-time births in West Virginia were delivered via C-section, and 41.2% of first-time mothers were induced.

Teen Pregnancy and Childbearing in WV (2011)

When young people are in control of their sexual lives, they are more likely to be in control throughout life, make healthy decisions for themselves, and thereby create healthier families and communities. After declining steadily both nationally and in West Virginia between 1999 and 2005, the teen pregnancy and birth rates have increased in West Virginia.

West Virginia Perinatal Wellness Study Key Informant Survey Report (2006)

The purpose of the West Virginia Key Informant Survey was to gain the input of West Virginia medical, nursing and other personnel serving pregnant women and their newborn infants.

Blueprint to Improve West Virginia Perinatal Health (2006)

The Perinatal Partners developed ten primary policy recommendations to improve the perinatal system in West Virginia. The Blueprint reports on these recommendations and describes how to make the improvements needed.

Reports on the Blueprint to Improve West Virginia Perinatal Health (2007)

This document contains the reports and specific recommendations of more than a dozen committees and subcommittees of the West Virginia Perinatal Partnership on ways to implement the Blueprint.

A Study On WV Health Education and Teen Perinatal Outcomes. EDVANTIA (2009)

West Virginia Community Voices, Inc. contracted with Edvantia, Inc., to conduct a two-phase study between August and October 2009. The purpose of this study is to meet the requirements of the House Concurrent Resolution No. 53 (HCR 53).

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